Computer Shortcuts that will make your Workflow go ZOOM!

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When we are using our PC, there are alot of actions we do which take up alot of our time. If you want to copy some text, right click, select copy, then go where you want to paste it, right click again, see where the paste option is and click it. And the amount of times you will have to  Wah! What a painstaking process! But, we can do these tasks a lot faster using computer shortcuts! Like just press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V and the painstaking process of copying and pasting again and again becomes hella easier. And there are tons of shortcuts like these which will make your efficiency go up by a considerable amount!

Welcome to The TechUpShot Blog! In this article ‘Keyboard Shortcuts that will make your Workflow go ZOOM!’, we will discover 25+ Computer Shortcuts which will, as the title says, make your Workflow go ZOOM. Well then, without further delay, let’s get this started.

General Computer Shortcut Keys

The general computer shortcut keys are the most basic but the most useful computer shortcuts. These shortcuts are applicable to a wide variety of tasks and also work in most applications and websites. Getting these down in practice will greatly enhance your efficiency as well as experience using the PC.

Most Basic Actions

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The most basic ones are actions most of us perform quite frequently. Having to right click, move the mouse, click, then move the mouse again… This becomes quite tiring having to do it many times. Instead, you can just use these Shortcuts to get them done much quicker:

  • Copy: Select the text/file you want to copy, Press Ctrl+C(windows) or Cmd+C(Mac). The text will be copied.
  • Cut: Select the text/file you want to cut, Press Ctrl+X(Windows) or Cmd+X(Mac). The text will be cut, meaning as soon as you paste it in the new location, it will be deleted from the previous location.
  • Paste: After you have got some text Copied or Cut, go to the destination you want it to be pasted and Press Ctrl+V(Windows) or Cmd(Mac) to paste it.
  • Undo: If you want to undo an action you have done, just press Ctrl+Z(Windows) or Cmd+Z(Mac) and you will be done. This is a lifesaver when you accidentally mess up some important files.
  • Redo: If you want to redo an action you undid, press Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+Z (Mac) and it will come back.

Window Management

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You can efficiently manage your Windows using these shortcuts:

  • Close Window: Press Alt+F4(Windows) or Cmd+W(Mac) to close your windows without having to use your mouse. You can also use this shortcut on the desktop screen and it will show options to shut down, sleep, etc.
  • Maximize Window: Press F11 to maximize your window. No more distractions anymore.
  • Switch Tabs: Press Alt+Tab (Windows) or Cmd+Tab (Mac) to switch between open tabs. This has got to be the shortcut I use the most since it makes Multitasking and using multiple apps together way faster.
  • Show all open Tabs: Press Windows+Tab (Windows) to open a window showing all open windows. This is really helpful when you have a ton lot of windows open and want to open a particular one.
  • Show desktop: Press Windows+D (WIndows) or Fn+F11 (Mac) to minimize all tabs and show desktop. You need not minimize each tab individually to get to the desktop.
  • Open Window from taskbar: Press Windows+1 (Windows) for the first app in your taskbar from the windows icon side. Windows+2 for the second, Windows+3 for the third and so on. No need to use your mouse at all!

Some more Useful Computer Shortcuts

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  • Open Clipboard/Use Emojis: Sometimes you want to paste something you copied some time ago and you have already copied other things after that. You can do this by accessing your Clipboard by pressing Windows+V. This shortcut opens your clipboard history as well as emojis and GIFs tab. So if you want to use emojis on your PC, this shortcut will help you.
  • Select All: If you want to select all of the text in a document you are working on, or all elements in your design, Press Ctrl+A (Windows) or Cmd+A (Mac) and all will be selected.
  • Select Multiple Files Together: If you want to select multiple files together, select the first file and then Ctrl+Click on the other files you want to select with it. I use this a lot when I have to move multiple files at a time.
  • Select Multiple Files in a Row: If you want to select multiple files in a row, select the first file in the row and then Shift+Click on the last file of the row, and all the files between will also be selected.
  • Rename File: Renaming files was a painstaking process for me before I came to know there was a shortcut for it. Just select the file you want to rename and press F2 to rename it.
  • Take Screenshots: Taking screenshots on a PC is even easier than doing it on a phone if you know how to do it. Just Press the PrtSc key on the top right of your keyboard and the screenshot is copied to your clipboard. If you want to save the screenshot, use Windows+PrtSc instead.

And that does it for the General Computer Shortcuts in this post. Let us now move onto some badass Browser Shortcuts!

Browser Shortcuts

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You can make your web navigating 10x faster and fun using Browser Shortcuts. These just make your browsing effortless and increase your productivity. Well then, time to get these browser shortcuts down in practice.

Tab Management

  • Open New Window: To open a new window of your Browser, Press Ctrl+N. You have the window open now.
  • Open New Private Window: To open a Private/Incognito Window, Press Ctrl+Shift+N and it will be opened.
  • Open new tab: Press Ctrl+T in your browser and you have a new tab open for you.
  • Close tab: If you want to close a tab, Press Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 (Windows) or Cmd+W (Mac) and the tab will be closed.
  • Reopen Closed Tab: To restore a closed tab, Press Ctrl+Shift+T (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+T (Mac). Pressing it multiple times will restore the closed tabs in order of most recently closed first.
  • Browse between Tabs: To browse between open tabs in your browser, Press Ctrl+Tab to browse to a tab on the right and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to browse to a tab on the left. Also, if you want to open the 3rd tab of your browser (from the right) then press Ctrl+3. Ctrl+2 for the second one and so on.

Other Useful Browser Shortcuts

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  • Search in Webpage: If you want to search for a certain piece of info in the webpage, Press Ctrl+F and input the text. This will find it for you.
  • Move to Search Box: To go to the search bar where the website address is, Press Ctrl+E or Ctrl+K.
  • Bookmark Webpage: To bookmark a Page in the browser, Press Ctrl+D.
  • Bookmark all Open Tabs: To bookmark all the tabs currently open in the browser, Press Ctrl+Shift+D.
  • Reload Page: To reload the webpage you are currently on, Press Ctrl+R or Ctrl+F5 and the page will reload.
  • Open file in Browser: To open a file stored in the computer on your browser, Press Ctrl+O and browse through the files.

That’s it for the Browser Shortcuts in this post. Or actually all the shortcuts we are covering in this post.

To Conclude

Now that you have come to know about all these useful shortcuts, it is time to implement them into your workflow and boost your efficiency. With enough practice, these shortcuts can boost your efficiency up to 10x more than before. So make sure to utilize them to their full potential.

Hope this helped! Also, if you know of any useful computer shortcuts, might as well comment them below! The more we share, the more we learn and the more we learn, the more we grow. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Blog so you don’t miss it when another useful article drops!

See you in the next post.

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